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Ronnie Dean Harris aka Ostwelve

UBCP/ACTRA| 604-710-1109 |


Height: 5’9                  Weight: 140lbs                       Hair: brown                 Eyes: brown



2018-2019      Molly Of Denali                                    Principal                      PBS/WGBH

2017                Looking At Edward Curtis                  Principal                      Knowledge

2014                Kagagi The Raven                              Principal                      APTN

2011                Arctic Air                                             Background               CBC

2010                Our First Voices: City Speaks            Principal                      KN

2008                Moccasin Flats: Redemption             Principal                      APTN

2004                Moccasin Flats                                   Principal                      APTN/Showcase



2015                The Road Forward                             Principal                      NFB



2018    Council of Spider, Ant & Fly               Performer        Savage Society/Lytton BC

2017    Words Of Our Chiefs                          Performer        Savage Society/Lytton BC

2016    The Boy Who Was Abandoned         Performer        Savage Society/Lytton BC

2015    Battle Of The Birds                            Performer        Savage Society/Lytton BC

2015    The Road Forward                             Performer        red diva projects/Vancouver BC



2012-2014      Full Circle Ensemble Training             Full Circle First Nations Performance


Special Skills:

Rap, beatbox, traditional drumming + Coast Salish singing 

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