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Ronnie assumed the name "Ostwelve" in his early teenage years as a pseudonym for grafitti culture and then continued to use the name as an MC name during his hiphop career. His musical explorations have brought him around the world and into media applications like TV, film, games, podcasting and radio broadcasting.


His first composer credits were writing and composing music for APTN/Showcase drama series MOCCASIN FLATS in which he was also an actor. His next credits would come from his composition of the music score for APTN children's series NEHIYAWETAN: LET'S SPEAK CREE.


He has gone on to contribute music to TV series such as ARCTIC AIR, MOHAWK GIRLS, FIRST STORY, SKYE & CHANG and film projects like FIRE SONG, NUMBER 14, THE ROAD FORWARD, WINDIGO TALECEDAR & BAMBOO and most recently NO RESERVATIONS for the Crazy 8's Festival 2017. 

Booking and inquiries

Cypher project curated by Hellnback for his new project. Peep the preview here:

Cypher project with Mamarudegyal, Status Krew,

T-Rhyme, Tall Paul, Drezus and Mob Bounce.

Check it here: