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Why I Joined The Wild Salmon Caravan

For the first time since time immemorial, our family won't be doing a dry rack fishery in Yale. Dry rack is where wind dried salmon is made. This is the first time in remembered history when this has happened. I was saddened to read my Aunties post about it.

This is all the more reason why I have chosen to support the Wild Salmon Caravan. Salmon are an indicator of our ecosystems health and when the salmon do not return, we have great indications that the ecosystem is shifting from a river that once fed the WORLD sockeye salmon from what was once our main sustenance.

It's been 4 years since I held a whole salmon in my hands. I grew up along the Fraser River the entirety of my life and these are stark indicators that the land and water are being challlenged to sustain the beings that count on them.

104 years ago, Chief James Mlo:yhleq of Yale stood in front of the Royal Commission and testified for the rights of salmon, their habitats and our Indigenous right to harvest them. He was also Chief when the Hell's Gate slide happened. Today I carry that name, Mlo:yhleq.

Please like/follow and share the Wild Salmon Caravan page to keep up to date on the journey taking place on October 7th - 12th with stops from Vancouver to the spawning grounds at the Adams River.

We hope you can join us.

Like, follow + share @wildsalmoncaravan on social media channels.

Send us video clips, telling us why wild salmon is important to you.

Check the website for details on calls to action and travel intinerary:

Celebrate the spirit of Wild Salmon!

"The salmon is my food, and then the white men came with a policeman, and they stopped me from using my food; and I was sore again in my heart. I would never do such a thing to the white men. If the white people feeding on a place, I would never go there and snatch away their food; it would be a bad thing to do.”

- Chief James of Yale (Mlo:yhleq) 1914 - Royal Commission

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