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"In The Storm" @ The Plaskett Gallery

My art show entitled "In The Storm" is installed in the Plaskett Gallery at the Massey Theatre from October 2nd through to October 31st, 2018.

Start: October 2 @ 8:00 am

End: October 31 @ 5:00 pm

Plaskett Gallery

735 8th Avenue New Westminster, BC V3M 2R2 Canada

+ Google Map

Phone: 6045175900


Artist statement:

This presentation represents some of the expressions around my understanding of the storm we stand in as beings within an ancient ritual performed by natural beings of land, water and stars. As humans, we are visitors to a cycle and interconnection of life forces around us that have sustained life since time immemorial.

We now stand in an industrial storm that threatens this balance. These are works created with a focus around wild salmon + salmonid habitat and preservation as well a look at eulachon and sturgeon in an eco-cosmological context.

The focus of this presentation looks to put the natural cycles and habitats of wild salmon/salmonids, sturgeon and eulachons into your hearts + minds. In my short life on this Earth thus far, I’ve seen shifts in the harvesting of these foods and shifts in their environmental statuses that have waxed + waned in various ways. I hope that with some awareness and focused efforts, we as a human species can remain reverent of the beings that inhabit our water ways and have a large stake in our interconnection as beings living together in time/space…even if we can’t see each other all the time.

For more information checkout the Massey Theatre website:

"In The Storm" was also installed at Island Mountain Arts in Wells, BC during the ArtsWells Festival and the rest of August, 2018.

Check out more here: IN THE STORM + ARTSWELLS

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