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Colouring: Salmon Arrows Spring 2020

Introducing a new series of colouring pages designed by Ronnie Dean Harris aka Ostwelve. Check them out on the Colouring page.

I hope this message finds everyone staying safe and healthy as possible. While we are keeping to ourselves in our spaces and looking for stuff to do, I thought I could offer some colouring pages. First, is a spring rendition of "Salmon Arrows" for 2020 with some hope for salmon making their journeys through troubled waters and us as well making our way through uncertain terrain.

More pages to come!

Please share your creations back. I will post them on @ostwelveproductions Instagram.

I hope you enjoy and keep an eye on and to this blog for more colouring pages coming real soon!

Much Love and Safety to you all.

Ronnie Dean aka Ostwelve

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