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Stuff For Kids + Big Kids by Ronnie Dean Harris

Hey! I bet you're stuck at home like I am. Sheesh. Done pretty much everything that can be done? Same. What the heck? Well better to be safe about it.

In the meantime, there's a few things I've worked on you might not have seen. They might come in handy.

1. Molly Of Denali - This is a show I worked on over the last couple of years. Molly Of Denali is an animated series that centres an Alaskan Indigenous girl named Molly. I play the voice of Dad aka Walter Mabray. It's been a blast to make and has been received so well around the world. It's something I'm very proud to be a part of. I hope you can enjoy it as well. You can watch it on CBC Gem in Canada. Or on PBS Kids in the USA.

You can also watch it via YouTube.

When you're done all that or maybe taking a drive...check out the podcast:

2. Kagagi The Raven - Based on a comic book, this series was something I worked on a couple years ago. It's about a 16 year-old Algonquin boy that is destined to be a superhero I voiced the character of Jack, and elder. It's available on APTN and the comics are available via Arcana Comics.

3. Amy's Mythic Mornings - Another show made for kids. Follows Amy on a series of adventures through Indigenous stories and culture. Available on APTN.

4. Nehiyawetan: Let's Speak Cree! - Though not Cree...I've played one on TV before. And also worked on a show that teaches the Cree language called "Nehiyawetan: Let's Speak Cree!" I created music for the show, was an assistant cameraperson and also taught a lesson which you may find in there somewhere. You can find some lessons and resources at the website

Just a couple things that kids can enjoy. If you haven't seen them already, I've put up some colouring sheets on my new COLOURING page. Check it out and share back some colours. I'd love to see them and post them.

Stay safe!

Ronnie Dean Harris aka Ostwelve

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